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NRC 2014

National Robotics workshop and championship


NRC 2014 is a National Robotics Championship and Workshop series organized jointly by Helios, IIT Bombay, and ARK Technosolutions, Mumbai.

This Year Prelims Rounds of NRC 2014 will be held at Thirumathi Elizabeth Polytechnic College,
Annamangalam on 28th Feb and 1st Mar 2014.

Stage 1 (WORKSHOP ROUND to be held at Zonal Centers):

      1. All the participants who wants to participate in NRC 2014 are required to attend the workshops at any Zonal Center.
      2. The workshop fee is included in the Registration Charges.
      3. During the workshop 'Robotic Kits' will be supplied by Sponsors of this event to a team at free of Cost.
      4. The Duration of the Robotics Workshop will be of 2 Days (7-8 hr Each day ).
      5. The Workshop will be delivered by India's only award winning company in the category of Business Leaders in Robotics & Android Training in India ARK Technosolutions - Mumbai.
Stage 2 (ZONAL ROUND to be held at zonal center):

      1. Just after the workshop a Mega Competition (Prelims Rounds) of NRC 2014 will be held.
      2. Top 3 teams will be selected for Finale event at IIT Bombay
      3. Winners will be awarded Certificate of Merit, and are required to participate in Final Rounds which will be held in the month of MAR - APR 2014 at IIT - Bombay in association with HELIOS,IIT Bombay.
Stage 3 (FINAL ROUND to be held at IIT Bombay):

      1. Winners of 40 Zonal Centers are required to participate in the Final Round of NRC 2014 in the month of March-April 2014 at IIT - Bombay in association with HELIOS,IIT Bombay.
      2. Winner of this Final Round will win The NRC 2014 Championship and will be awarded and honored by HELIOS, IIT - Bombay with cash prize worth 1 Lac Indian Rupees.
      3. A Certificate of Excellence will also be awarded to the Winning Team.
      4. Winners medals to top 3 teams.
      5. Free National Level Summer Internship Training 2014 to the Winning Team.
      6. Special gifts and goodies to the winner of NRC 2014.