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Anti-Ragging Committee :


The following are the members of Anti-Ragging Committee. They will enquire all the problems arised due to ragging and take necessary steps to solve those.

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Mr. S.Logarsal selcrim Principal
2. Mr. D. Perumal Vice Principal
3. Mr. V. Mariadoss HOD/Mechanical
4. Mr. K. Savitha rani HOD/ECE
5. Mr. I. Prabha mary HOD/EEE
6. Mr. A. Savari raj HOD/Computer
7. Mr. R. Lordson Millar HOD/CIVIL
8. Mr. M. Raja HOD
9. Mrs. I. Mercy Chandra Instructor/EEE
10. Mr. A. Rama chandran Instructor/ECE
11. Mr. S. Durairaj Computer Operator